Health officials say state is well prepared for emergencies

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(Host) Vermont public health officials say they’re confident the state is well prepared if there’s an emergency or a disease outbreak.

A report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that Vermont has done what it needs to be ready.

The CDC examined states’ abilities to detect disease and investigate the outbreak. It also rated their public health laboratories and their ability to respond to emergencies.

Christine Finley is the deputy health commissioner in charge of public health.

(Finley) “We know that we’re doing well, but with preparedness, you’re working across with a number of different agencies and you need continually to develop those plans and to exercise them so people are familiar with them and know them. It’s real important, unlike anything I can imagine, that the plans can be carried out easily and the plans are something that people are familiar with and know their roles.”

(Host) Finley says the CDC was impressed with two statewide exercises in the past few years to test Vermont’s preparations.

But state officials say they need to remain vigilant so the preparations remain up-to-date.

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