Health Department Encourages Flu Shots

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(Host) The Health Department says Vermonters should consider getting a flu shot even though fewer people are getting sick.

Doctor Wendy Davis is the state’s health commissioner.

(Davis) "Flu activity is decreasing in Vermont as it is elsewhere in the country. But we also know that there is a good possibility that there will be a third wave of this pandemic that could affect the United States and could affect Vermont. And we know that there are significant numbers of Vermonters who have not been vaccinated, yet. So we would really like people to continue to be vaccinated, particularly those in the highest risk groups."

(Host) The Health Department says 133,000 Vermonters have been vaccinated since the flu season began.

That’s just one-third the number that the state hoped would get a shot or a nasal spray.

Several vaccination clinics for swine flu are scheduled this week. The state plans more publicity about the need to get an inoculation through next week, which is National Influenza Vaccination Week.

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