Hartford Reservoir Vandalized

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(Host) Residents of Hartford were warned not to use the town water supply last Friday. Officials discovered that the town’s northern reservoir was vandalized sometime last week. Hunter Rieseberg is Hartford’s town manager:

(Rieseberg) “Vandals, we presume, were able to breach the security fence and break the locks off one of the hatches to a million gallon reservoir, a storage facility.”

(Host) Rieseberg says the town’s 2,300 water customers were being told not to use the system for drinking or bathing until officials know the water is safe.

(Rieseberg) There’s no physical evidence to suggest that anything has been introduced to the water system but nonetheless the system has been breached, so as a precautionary measure we are issuing a do not drink order with the state. And we’ll be flushing the entire system.”

(Host) The water warning was expected to last through the weekend. The town provided a tanker of potable water available at the Hartford fire station for residents to use.

The Hartford incident follows a similar case in Norwich this week. Officials there just lifted a water ban after a reservoir was vandalized.

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