Happy ending for lost snowmobiler

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(Host) There are many stories in the aftermath of a blizzard. One involves a snowmobiler from Egremont, Massachusetts, and it has a happy ending.

Neil Jensen was snowmobiling with friends in Woodford yesterday afternoon and got separated when high winds and blowing snow reduced the visibility on the trail.

As a result, Jensen spent the night in the woods.

And according to Vermont State Police Captain Dave Covell in Shaftsbury, Jensen made good decisions that helped him walk out of the woods today.

(Covell) “Nobody was in the immediate area he returned to snowmobile and he didn’t panic, stayed with the snow machine throughout the evening. He periodically started and stopped his snowmobile in an attempt to keep warm. He was dressed appropriately and after the storm cleared this morning and there was certainly clearer visibility, he was able to regain his bearings and was able to walk out of the woods on his own.”

(Host) Jensen himself is a 41-year-old builder. He says he’s amazed to be alive.

(Jensen) “It was very disorienting in the snowstorm, at that temperature in the middle of the night. I figured I’d just fall asleep and freeze, cause you get hypothermia. The amazing thing is I can’t tell you what happened to the time. I didn’t sleep I don’t think.’ And all of a sudden the sun’s coming up. That’s when I knew I was out of the woods.”

(Host) Jensen appeared at the aptly -named “walk-in-the-woods” motel with just a touch of frost bite on his nose and foot.

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