Hannock Paintings Gifted To Southern Vermont College

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(Host) Southern Vermont College in Bennington has received a number of paintings by renowned American painter Stephen Hannock.

Hannock is a landscape artist who specializes in the style known as "luminism". 

The paintings are a gift from the estate of Irene Hunter, a longtime supporter of arts and education throughout southern Vermont and western Massachusetts. 

SVC President Karen Gross says that the paintings will offer an opportunity to highlight the inter-disciplinary nature of a good liberal arts education.

(Gross) "What’s most significant about this is  the opportunity to use it across our disciplines, not just for our students in the humanities, but our students in health care, our students in criminal justice, our students in business, all of whom can benefit from lessons learned by learning to see art well." 

(Host) Gross says the paintings were donated with the full support of the artist, who also plans to be involved as a guest curator.

The Hannock collection will be unveiled in a formal opening this fall. 


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