Gusts Expected To Cause More Flood Damage

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(Host) Residents and officials along the Vermont side of Lake Champlain are worried about more flood damage as winds pick up today.

Forecasts call for gusts out of the west. And Burlington Public Works Director Steve Goodkind says that will cause more of the kind of damage the lakeshore saw earlier this week with southerly winds.

(Goodkind) "I think there was a lot of destruction, maybe as much from the waves on Monday as there had been from the flooding in some areas. And it could repeat today. The westerly wind has just about the same effect. We’re exposed from the south, the west and a little bit from the north with the winds."

(Host) The damage is caused when the wind kicks up waves. They cause erosion along the lakeshore. They also throw driftwood and other debris onto beaches and into fragile lakeside banks.

Officials say the problem will be concentrated in the northern part of the lake. Many summer camps were damaged earlier this week and they could be in danger again.

There also are a number of lakeshore roads that are exposed, including the causeway that links the Champlain Islands to the mainland.

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