Guns Rights Activists Rally At NH Statehouse

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Gun rights activists are putting their voices behind an effort to overturn a rule banning guns and other weapons inside New Hampshire’s Statehouse and two nearby buildings.

About 30 of them rallied outside the Statehouse on Wednesday in support of a Republican effort to reinstate their right to bear arms in the buildings.

Twenty-two-year-old Thomas Piorkowski (Pee-or KOS’ kee), of Manchester, carried a sign that said: "Why does the state want you disarmed?" Piorkowski said the constitution guarantees people’s rights to bear arms.

Andrew Demers, of Citizens for Sensible Legislation, said Democrats’ actions show contempt for New Hampshire citizens.

A special legislative committee – led by Democrats – voted Monday to reinstate a ban that had been in place from 1996 to 2006.

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