Gunman Robs Armored Car in Rutland

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(Host) A gunman robbed Berkshire Armored Car Services in Rutland’s Howe Center today and made off with nearly $2 million dollars.

VPR’s John Van Hoesen reports.

(Van Hoesen) The holdup in Rutland is believed to be the largest in Vermont history.

Officials say the robbery was committed by a lone gunman. The investigation is being conducted by the FBI in Vermont. John Kavanagh is the supervisor:

(Kavanagh) “Early this morning, at approximately between the hours of 5 and 6 a.m., a lone gunman entered into the Berkshire Armored Car facility located in Rutland ¿ and basically conducted an armed robbery and made off with an undetermined amount of cash.”

(Van Hoesen) Kavanagh says a second suspect may have driven a getaway vehicle. No one was hurt during the heist, but officials say two of the guards were tied up. Kavanagh says it’s too early in the investigation to provide many details:

(Kavanagh) “Right now we can’t comment on exactly where the money was located and how the robbery was committed and the M.O. of the crime at this point¿. It’s evidently a major robbery that took place in the state so we’re looking at it real hard.”

(Van Hoesen) Berkshire Armored Car Services has its headquarters in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Jerry Reder is the owner. He says no shots were fired, but guns were shown during the holdup:

(Reder) “I hate to say it was a run of the mill hold up, but it was in fact a hold up¿.”

(Van Hoesen) And he says the money is all insured:

(Reder) “It’s all insured by Lloyds of London. No customer will lose a dime.”

(Van Hoesen) Reder says he was glad no one was hurt. He says he’s been impressed that robberies like this haven’t occurred before in Vermont. And he’s confident officials will apprehend the suspects quickly.

(Reder) “I’m hoping they’ll get caught, then I can say they weren’t very professional.”

(Van Hoesen) For Vermont Public Radio, I’m John Van Hoesen.

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