Groveton residents looking for ideas

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People of Groveton, New Hampshire say it’s time to get creative about their future after the town’s paper mill closes at the end of the year.

And people are already coming up with new ideas.

At a forum this weekend, they talked about ideas ranging from sled dog tours to historic tourism attractions.

Berlin’s Economic Development Director Norm Charest told Groveton residents that it won’t be an easy transition, but urged them to be optimistic.

Charest said that since Berlin lost most of its mill jobs, the city has moved ahead with a planned federal prison, a wood pellet plant, a biomass plant and a state ATV park. Charest said the Great North Woods region needs to work together to promote regional tourism.

State officials said they are talking to companies interested in relocating to Groveton. They also said they are looking to improve the town’s cell phone coverage and access to high-speed Internet.

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