Group forms to oppose gay marriage

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(Host) A new organization has formed to oppose any move toward gay marriage in Vermont.

Organizers say the Vermont Marriage Advisory Council was formed to educate Vermonters about the benefits of limiting marriage to a union between a man and a woman.

Steve Cable of Rutland is the head of the new council. He says it was formed because gay marriage opponents don’t believe a commission appointed by the Legislature is open to their viewpoint.

Cable says his group will not participate in the legislative commission’s hearings.

(Cable) “To give them credibility by having us come and give our opinion so they can say they heard from us but don’t agree with us in their report doesn’t seem to make sense to us.”

(Host) The new council plans several forums that Cable says will educate the public about the issues surrounding marriage.

The first meeting is scheduled for January 19th at the University of Vermont.


AP Photo/Toby Talbot: Gay marriage opponents including Steve Cable (right) at the State House.

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