Grant provides free gun locks to firearms owners

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(Host) The state of Vermont is working with the National Shooting Sports Foundation to distribute 60,000 gun locks over the next few weeks. The proposal, known as Project ChildSafe, is funded through a $50 million grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. Bill Brassard is the director of the Project:

(Brassard) “The goal of Project ChildSafe is to educate all firearms owners about their responsibilities to safely handle and securely store their firearms in their home. We’re asking all gun owners to take steps to prevent a loaded firearm from being left carelessly about the house where a child might access it.”

(Host) Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Kerry Sleeper strongly endorsed the proposal at a Statehouse news conference:

(Sleeper) “Clearly this is an initiative that acknowledges that we have a culture of ownership and possession of firearms for legitimate purposes, and that these gun locks will allow us to maintain those firearms in our residences, safety to protect those also living with us and those people around us.”

(Host) Sleeper says anyone interested in obtaining a free gun lock should contact their local police department.

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