Grafton Group Pushes For Anti-Wind Amendment

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A group in Grafton is pushing for a town plan amendment that would ban large-scale wind projects and test towers within the town.

A subsidiary of the Spanish energy company Iberdrola  is seeking state approval to build wind-measuring test towers in Windham and Grafton.

Windham reworded its town plan in 2009 to prohibit commercial wind projects.

The newly formed ‘Friends of Grafton’s Heritage’ want Grafton to do the same. Grafton officials have been silent on the Iberdrola proposal.

But opposition organizer Liissa Kissell says Iberdrola has been making its case.

"They have four times invited people from Grafton to visit their Lempster, New Hampshire plant," Kissell says, adding that the company has also set up appointments and met with people in town individually.

"They have spoken at the select board," Kissell says." They have sent fliers to every household in town. And so far nothing at all has been presented from another side that might have concerns."

Those concerns were heard Monday night. More than a hundred residents gathered in Grafton to hear about the down side of industrial wind.

Speakers included Northeast Kingdom residents upset by the scale, the noise and the amount of blasting and infrastructure involved in ridge top wind projects in Sheffield and Lowell.

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