Grafton Down To Single Road Out Of Village

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(Host) The village of Grafton is one of the most isolated towns in Vermont right now.

Emergency operations chief Bill Kearns says the roads into town are impassable:

(Kearns) We have 50 miles of roads, and 40 are not serviceable. 10 of the miles that are good are in the village and state routes, and a good portion of that is the state route to Chester.

(Host) But Kearns says the road cuts out before getting to Chester.

There’s only one road into Grafton right now that’s passable and it’s only open to emergency vehicles at this point.

Kearns says officials are asking people to stay away.

One house in Graton was swept into the Saxtons River and destroyed. Some propane tanks were also lost in the floodwaters. The Windham Foundation also has damage to its cheese factory, but Kearns says the rest of the village is in good shape.

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