Governor’s race wide open according to poll

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(Host) A new poll indicates the Vermont governor’s race is wide open, with many voters still undecided about who should lead the state next year.

VPR’s John Dillon reports.

(Dillon) The poll was conducted by ORC Macro of Burlington. The firm asked 358 registered voters who they would vote for in the 2002 governor’s race.

Over a third of those polled – 35% – said they want Democratic Lieutenant Governor Doug Racine for the job. Twenty-four percent favored Republican Treasurer James Douglas, while 7% said they’d vote for Independent Con Hogan. Progressive Party candidates, Michael Badamo and Peter Diamondstone each received 1% percent support.

But 30% said they were undecided. According to Macro Vice President James Dayton, that means the race is very much an open contest:

(Dayton) “It is a wide open race at this point. And even looking from Con Hogan’s perspective, he still needs a lot of name recognition but with 30% undecided, if it’s a strong three-way race, he could be a factor in that race.”

(Dillon) The poll has a margin of error of 5%, which puts Douglas and Racine about even.

(Dayton) “Again, between the undecided and the margin of error, it’s still a horse race, that’s for sure.”

(Dillon) Dayton says Macro will do another poll later in the fall after the September primary. He says this poll will serve as a benchmark, so the public can see how the candidates have moved since the summer.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m John Dillon.

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