Governor Douglas Urges Legislation for Advanced Medical Directives

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(Host) Governor Jim Douglas is urging lawmakers to pass legislation that makes it easier for Vermonters to use advanced medical directives in the future. Douglas made his comments after learning about the death of Terri Schiavo.

The bill has been endorsed unanimously by the House Human Services Committee and is now being reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee. Douglas says his family — like many other across the state — is now reviewing the advanced directive process that’s currently available.

(Douglas) “My wife has very recently secured the forms for us to consider and we certainly – we’ll do that. It raises the importance of this because the root of the issue is not what the husband wanted or what the parents wanted but what would Mrs. Schiavo have wanted. And without that express instruction from her in writing this controversy has developed so I hope that Vermonters will take the opportunity because of this tragedy to make these decisions and make sure that their wishes are honored.”

(Host) Backers of the legislation are hoping to have it on the House floor for debate in several weeks.

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