Goup Of Lawmakers Wants Upper-Income Tax Hike

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A group of Vermont lawmakers is calling for an increase in the state income tax for Vermonters with household incomes of more than $171,000.

Progressive Reps. Chris Pearson and Susan Davis, joined Sens. Richard McCormack and Anthony Pollina on Thursday to say the state could raise $17 million by raising taxes on individuals making more than about $171,000 and couples making more than about $209,000.

The lawmakers say upper-income taxpayers did very well with recently extended federal tax cuts and can afford to send some of that money to the state, which is trying to close a budget gap of about $176 million.

Gov. Peter Shumlin has said he does not support raising taxes this year.

Rep. Pearson and Sen. Pollina will be Bob Kinzel’s guest today on Vermont Edition.

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