Goodrich helicopter diagnostics system awarded new military contracts

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(Host) In its Vergennes plant, the Goodrich company makes a helicopter diagnostic system that’s becoming the troubleshooting device of choice for Marine and Army pilots.

Senatory Patrick Leahy was at the plant today to award almost $30 million in new contracts for the system.

(Leahy) “The Marines have demonstrated that it works and that it can actually save helicopters and it can save lives. And the Army’s doing the wise thing in following it, and of course if it works there, it’s also going to work in the civilian field.”

(Host) One person who demonstrated that the helicopter system works was the late Lieutenant Colonel David Greene, recently killed in Iraq.

(Leahy) “We spoke about Colonel Greene and he had been a key part of the corporate family here in Vergennes, as well of course as a very brave Marine. He died in combat and the people here know that they lost a very very good man. Those are the people who put their lives on the line.”

(Host) Leahy says the contracts will help both the Army and the Navy keep the Blackhawk and Sea Stallion helicopters safe and operating at less cost.

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