General Dynamics Expansion May Create Vermont Jobs

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(Host) While most of the manufacturing news in Vermont has been discouraging, one company sees potential for growth. General Dynamics, which operates a weapons manufacturing plant in Burlington, has bought a Georgia company that makes products found on many U.S. fighter jets and helicopters.

General Dynamics’ purchase of Advanced Technical Products, Inc. may boost employment in Burlington. Plant spokesman Cliff Bushey says the acquisition could add about a dozen new workers to its Vermont operations:

(Bushey) "But more importantly, we will gain significant new capability in lightweight composites and also in portable chemical and biological detection equipment. It’s these capabilities that position us well for future growth, especially in the context of new initiatives in the Department of Defense and the new Homeland Security Office."

(Host) The General Dynamics armament division in Vermont employees about 475 people. The company makes Gatling machine guns, ammunition handling systems and armor materials.

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