General Dubie Looks Forward To National Security Appointment

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Vermont National Guard Commander Michael Dubie is preparing to depart for a top post in the U.S. military’s homeland defense mission.

Late last week, the U.S. Senate confirmed Dubie’s appointment as deputy commander of the United States Northern Command, or NORTHCOM.

Dubie says he’s looking forward to the appointment.

"There couldn’t be a better position for me to be going to personally or professionally, but I certainly will miss working everyday with what I think are the best professionals in the United States military and that’s the men and women of the Vermont National Guard," Dubie said Tuesday.

General Dubie says he’s honored that President Obama nominated him for a position of great national responsibility, and he says his selection is a reflection of the evolving role of Vermont’s Guard.

"We’ve been asked to do things that we’ve never done before, and I think it’s good for America," Dubie said. "I’m convinced that our performance during Tropical Storm Irene was enhanced because of our experience overseas."

Dubie says it will probably be August before he leaves Vermont for his new position at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.

In his new job, Dubie says the biggest challenge he’ll face is "the transnational, radical Islamic fundamentalist threat."

"As Americans we’ve got to be honest with ourselves that there are still people out there in the world that do not like us and want to do us harm," Dubie said.

Dubie will temporarily be replaced by Brigadier General Tom Drew. Then, next year, the Legislature will pick Dubie’s permanent replacement.

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