Gates Foundation Announces Health Grant in Burlington

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(Host) A one million dollar grant to improve global health was announced Monday in Burlington. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation selected the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International as recipient of the 2002 Gates Award for Global Health.

The award is administered by the Global Health Council in Vermont. It recognizes organizations that make major and lasting contributions to the field of global health.

The surprise announcement was made by Dr. Nils Dulaire, president and CEO of the Global Health Council. Speaking at a Rotary luncheon in Burlington, Dulaire cited the Rotary Foundation’s dedication to eradicating polio. He also praised the foundation for its work in health projects locally and around the world.

(Dulaire) "The Rotary Foundation and Rotary International have set the year 2005 as the goal for wiping out the polio virus permanently from the face of the earth. The Gates Award for Global Health and the million dollar prize which will go into the health work of the Rotary Foundation is really a testament to the millions of members of Rotary around the world¿. You really exemplify what we at the Global Health Council often use as our motto around the world, which is, "When it comes to health, there is no ‘them.’ There’s only us."

(Host) Bill Gates, Sr. will present the award to the Rotary Foundation in Washington D.C. later this month.

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