Gallery reports two Maxfield Parrish murals stolen

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(Host) Two large Maxfield Parrish murals have been stolen. They were discovered missing from a Los Angeles gallery this morning. Parrish was part of the well-known “Cornish artists colony” which thrived along the Connecticut river in Vermont and New Hampshire during the early 1900’s. The stolen artworks were on loan from a private owner.

Alma Gilbert, Director of the Cornish Colony Museum in New Hampshire, says the murals are both very large:

(Gilbert) “The interesting thing about it is that the size of the murals and the weight of the murals makes this, probably, the largest heist in art history. They were seven feet high with the frames, by eight-and-a-half feet long. So that’s 17 linear feet, and each weighed — well, they had to be picked up by four people.”

(Host) Gilbert says the panels show scenes of people coming to a party and that they are valued at two million dollars each.

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