Funding cut may reduce subsidies for low-income housing

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(Host) Officials who run Vermont’s housing programs warn that cuts in federal housing subsidies will lead to increased homelessness.

Richard Williams is executive director of the Vermont State Housing Authority, which helps about 3,100 families around Vermont with housing needs. Williams says Vermont could lose about $1.9 million in federal subsidies next year.

(Williams) “We’re not here today to scare people currently on our program. However, this is the second year in a row that we have faced cuts in the federal housing budget. Housing authorities in Vermont will attempt not to cut folks from the program. But with federal budget now being proposed in Washington, we would not be able to assist the same amount of families without taking steps to reduce the cost of the program.”

(Host) The cuts are part of a federal budget that President Bush signed into law earlier this year. Advocates say that up to 740 low income, elderly and disabled Vermonters could lose their federal housing assistance next year unless the funding is restored.

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