Former Legislator Denied Parole

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Gregory Reed, the former St. Johnsbury Legislator who was convicted for a 1984 murder, will not be paroled. The Vermont Parole Board denied Reed’s request today, saying that there was not appropriate supervision of Reed in the release plan.

(Parole Board) “The board does not believe that the level of supervision provided by Parole [Board] is adequate for that required for Mr. Reed.”

Reed hatched a scheme to burn down a building in St. Johnsbury 18 years ago. He later aided in the murder of one of the arsonists, Rene Savage Jr. Reed feared that Savage would tell police about the arson. Reed ultimately pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 19 years to life.

Reed spoke on his own behalf at the parole hearing. He said that while on furlough he has been a responsible member of the community, and has held a job. He was placed in furloughed housing in Chittenden County last March.

But Jody Savage, the brother of victim Rene Savage, says Reed should not be released. He says it’s too early for parole because Reed has only served 16 years of his sentence.

(Savage) “I mean, you shouldn’t be back out on the street and making money and everything else¿. I’d give him 10 more years in prison, that’s what I’d give him. Plus ten more.”

The parole board met for a short period behind closed doors at the correctional facility in South Burlington. It then denied Reed’s request. Reed will be eligible for parole again in two years.

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