Forest experts eye Midwest insect

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(Host) Vermont’s forest experts are keeping a wary eye on the Midwest for another pest that could devastate the woods.

An insect known as the "emerald ash bore" has struck forests in Michigan, Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania.

Vermont Forests Director Steve Sinclair says the insect decimates ash stands, killing all the trees in its path.

He says the ash bore could wreak havoc if it reaches the forests of Vermont.

(Bite) "In Vermont ash is a very important species as a part of the mix of our composition of northern hardwoods. It has a lot of wildlife values as well as commercial values. If that was to come into Vermont it would have a tremendous impact on the natural communities as well as our forest industry."

(Host) Forestry officials in the Midwest have tried to control the insect by doing things such as creating quarantines. They cut all the ash trees in an area so the ash bore doesn’t have anything to eat.

But Sinclair says that hasn’t worked and foresters are at a loss about how they might save the ash stands where the insect has been found.

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