For some it’s business as usual during storm

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(Host) For many Vermonters the challenge of the day was just getting to work. Many people arrived late, or took the day off if their business was closed.

But Nancy Millette’s day started just like any other.

She’s a store clerk at Rene’s in Milton.

As usual, Millette was on the job shortly after five this morning

(Millette) “I trudged through the snow and thought I was going to get stuck a few times but I made it here because I know there’s going to be people waiting for me. We wanted to make sure and take care of them. There was people with snowplows that needed gasoline so that they could go out and plow more houses or businesses that needed to get plowed out. And then the usual people that are just on the roads that just wanted a nice warm cup of coffee. They said, hey, thanks for coming in. That’s good. We needed this today.’ Yes, they were grateful.”

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