Fogel Says New UVM President Should Be Fundraiser

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(Host) As the University of Vermont looks for a new president, the current president gave the search committee some advice on Monday. He says look for someone who can raise money.

Daniel Fogel will leave his post next summer after ten years on the job. He says a major qualification for his successor should be a passion for fundraising.

(Fogel)v" I believe anybody who is really interested in this job ought to have an appetite for development, for building the long term assets of the university as well as for bringing funds to bear on current challenges."

(Host) Fogel added that the new president should be more than a fundraiser in chief. He says that the next person to lead the university should also "raise the academic metabolism" of the institution.

But Fogel says money issues will be a major concern in the years ahead.

(BFogel) "We are looking at significant gaps in the budget five years out; we need to close a gap of $28 million per year. We are working hard on doing that even now and I hope will have a lot of that work done before the next president is hired. But our development program should grow from bringing in $27 to $30 million in direct receipts and more than that in commitments to at least twice that."

(Host) The search committee has hired an executive recruitment firm to find applicants for the UVM job. The search committee plans to have a list of candidates for trustees to consider by March of next year.

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