Flooded Roads Could Re-Open Soon

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(Host) The floodwaters of Lake Champlain are continuing to recede. This morning, the lake is at 101.7 feet in Burlington.

That means some low-lying roads are beginning to dry out, and the Vermont Agency of Transportation is working to re-open state roads closed by flooding.

Three roads along the lake remain closed, U.S. Route 7 in Highgate, VT Route 36 in St. Albans Bay and VT Route 125 in West Addison.

VTrans’ Dave Blackmore says the edge of U.S. Route 7 is re-emerging in Highgate, and the agency hopes to re-open that road by Thursday.

There has been some damage to VT Route 36, and repairs will start today, with a tentative goal of re-opening the road by Friday.

Blackmore says re-opening VT Route 125 is more difficult, because the water is still high in that area, it could open though by the end of the week.

Blackmore says all roads will be inspected before traffic can resume. And he says the jersey barriers and gravel placed on many roads to keep floodwaters out will remain until the lake gets down below 99 feet.

(Blackmore) "It’s a considerable amount of cost to get these installed, along with that darn Lake Champlain has gone up and down about four times on us, and we don’t want to remove them too early  just to see the water come back up and have to reinstall these."

(Host) Blackmore says the barriers and fill placed on the roads should not have damaged the pavement and can be easily removed when the lake fully recedes.

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