Fish and Wildlife Department looks at antlerless permits

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(Host) Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife Department recommends that a larger number of does be taken during this year’s deer season. The department wants to give out more antlerless permits for muzzleloader hunters because the state’s deer herd is strong after the past winter.

Ron Regan is Director of Wildlife with the department.

(Regan) “The winter conditions had people concerned for a while, when we got that big dump of snow of February 14th. But we think in general we ended up with what we would call an average winter.”

(Host) The department says the increase in the number of antlerless permits is designed to keep the deer population in line with the available habitat.

Regan says new hunting regulations instituted two years are being well received by hunters.

(Regan) “We have not received much negative feedback over the last couple of years, and I think hunters are generally pleased with the number and quality of deer that they’ve been seeing afield. We’ll always potentially be at the risk of a bad winter that can set us back on our heels a bit.”

(Host) The department’s recommendations must receive final approval from the Fish and Wildlife Board.

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