First Lady To Meet With Guard Soldiers

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(Host) The Vermont National Guard says it’s thrilled that First Lady Michelle Obama will meet with Vermont soldiers when she visits the state later this month.

Senator Patrick Leahy disclosed Mrs. Obama’s planned visit with Guard members and their families when she’s in the area for a Democratic fundraiser.

Leahy says he and his wife, Marcelle, suggested the visit a few months ago after Vermont troops returned from an overseas deployment.

(Leahy) "The First Lady accepted our invitation. She will be coming here. I’ve notified General Dubie. He’s delighted by the idea of her being there to talk to Guard families. The ones who always need support are the families."

(Host) Lloyd Goodrow is with the Vermont National Guard. He says he doesn’t know the details about the First Lady’s visit yet, but he’s looking forward to it.

(Goodrow) "There’s been a great deal of community support, statewide support, regional support, and this will signify that certainly at a national level. Whenever a member of the first family comes to pay a visit with the families, it’s a great symbolic gesture on behalf of the people of the United States and I’m sure it will mean the world."

(Host) And Goodrow expects there to be nothing political about Mrs. Obama’s visit.

(Goodrow) "This is very separate from a political process because both Dr. Biden and Mrs. Obama have been reaching out to families throughout the time of the war."

(Host) Mrs. Obama will also be the featured guest at a South Burlington fundraiser for her husband’s re-election.

It’ll be the First Lady’s first trip to Vermont since the 2008 campaign.

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