Film festival starts in Burlington

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(Host) This weekend marks the arrival of the thirteenth annual Vermont International Film Festival in Burlington. Unlike most film festivals, which highlight celebrity and marketing, the Burlington Film Festival focuses on social and environmental issues.

Mira Niagolova is Executive Director of the Vermont International Film Foundation. She says the festival brings to life issues of war and peace, justice and human rights, and environmental concerns.

(Niagalova) “We were trying to select not only, and of course this was the main criteria, the best films in terms of quality and content, but we were trying to present different points of view, and to bring more diversity in terms of topics.”

(Host) Of 84 films submitted for entry this year, 27 were selected for exhibition. The festival is hosting a Vermont Filmmaker’s Showcase and Forum on Friday. International entries include documentaries focusing on Afghanistan, Iran and the Chechen-Russian conflict.

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