FEMA Tallies Up Champlain Flood Damage

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(Host) Federal officials are touring seven counties across the state today to total up the damages that have been caused so far by flooding.

The teams from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are in towns across western and northern Vermont.

Kevin Galvin is a spokesman for the teams.

(Galvin) "Right now we’re meeting with local officials, finding out where the damage is. And we’ll be going out looking at damage, talking to them about their damage and talking to them about what they think their costs for repairs are going to be and that type of thing."

(Host) State officials believe the amount it will cost to repair roads, bridges and other public owned facilities will easily meet the minimum set by the federal government.

Once that’s confirmed, the Shumlin administration will make a formal request for help from FEMA.

Galvin says the state hasn’t yet asked FEMA to investigate damage to private homes and buildings.

(Galvin) "We may have to come back and look at damage after water recedes. That’s a distinct possibility."

(Host) Lake Champlain is still well above the point where it floods. The levels have started to recede, but hydrologists and meteorologists say it will probably be weeks before it’s back to normal.

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