FEMA opens two flood offices

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(Host) Federal emergency management officials have opened up temporary offices in Vermont to help those whose property was damaged by the floods in June. The high water in early June damaged property in the northern counties of the state.

The flood victims can qualify for grants for short-term rental housing and low interest loans to repair damage to homes to businesses. Typical grants average around $2,500. People who lost their jobs because of flooding may also be eligible for unemployment payments for up to 26 weeks.

David Georgi is a spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency:

(Georgi) “We are setting up our disaster recovery centers which are going to open in Lyndonville and St. Albans on Monday, July 22. These are places where people can go for face to face contact after they have called in and registered for assistance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.”

(Host) In Lyndonville, the FEMA office will be located at the Municipal Office Building. And in Saint Albans, the office will be in the Barlow Street Community Center. The number to call for assistance is (800) 621-3362.

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