Feds Lift Southern Lake Champlain Water Use Advisory

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(Host) The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says a warning has been lifted against using the water of southern Lake Champlain.

That follows the application of chemicals to kill sea lamprey in two Vermont rivers.

Last Wednesday the Lake Champlain Fish and Wildlife Management Cooperative treated sections of the Hubbardton and Poultney rivers.

A chemical that kills immature lamprey was applied to both rivers.

Adult lamprey prey on game fish in Lake Champlain and the state and federal governments have worked in recent years to control the lamprey population.

But that means that people can’t continue to their drinking water from the rivers or the sections of the lake that they flow into while the chemical is being used.

The water use advisory had been in effect for Lake Champlain from the South Bay Outlet north to the Ticonderoga ferry crossing.

The advisory was lifted today after tests indicated the chemicals had dissipated.

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