Federal Grant Will Pay Unemployed For Flood Repair

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(Host) A new federal grant is going to pay jobless Vermonters to help clean up from this spring’s floods.

The U.S. Labor Department awarded one-point-two million dollars for the project.

The money will be available to pay people for temporary jobs that involve demolishing, repairing or renovating public and nonprofit property that was damaged.

The jobs will be available in counties that have been declared disaster areas.

People hired under the program will also be paid to help weatherize homes.

Vermont Labor Commissioner Annie Noonan says the jobs will be welcome.

(Noonan) "It was sort of a bridging of two needs. One is to help put people back to work. And the second is to help the communities that were impacted by the flooding."

(Host) Noonan says the state will provide more information soon on how the public can request flood cleanup assistance.

Anyone interested in one of the jobs can apply through a regional Labor Department office.

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