February 7, 2002 – News at a Glance

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VPR Previews the Olympics
Interview with VPR reporter Beth Schmidt in Salt Lake City. Beth previews the Olympic Games with commentary on the mood in Salt Lake City, security, and predictions of medals for Americans. Each morning during the Olympics, Steve Delaney talks with Beth about how competitors from our region are doing. (Listen to the interview from this web site.)

Gilman Employees
Employees say the bankrupt owners of the paper mill in Gilman cancelled their health insurance but continued deducting payments from employees’ paychecks. (VPR)

Hydropower on Clyde River
The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources and a utility company are at odds over how to manage the Clyde River near Newport. Now the company that operates a dam on the river says the state has proposed restrictions that make the project financially unfeasible. (VPR)

What is “It”?
At the Statehouse on Wednesday, lawmakers, lobbyists and reporters took a spin on a revolutionary new personal transportation machine. (VPR)

Tanning and Skin Cancer
A new study at Dartmouth College says indoor tanning can double the risk of certain forms of skin cancer. (VPR)

House Approves Budget
The House gave final approval to its budget adjustment bill Wednesday. It also defeated an effort to use the state’s rainy day fund to balance this year’s budget. (VPR)

Dean in Laos
Governor Howard Dean is going to Laos next week in search of his brother’s body. Charles Dean was captured and killed by Laotian communists in 1974. (AP)

The Vermont Corrections Department is moving some of its Virginia-housed inmates to dormitories to save money in the next fiscal year. (AP)

Dean in New Hampshire
Governor Howard Dean was in New Hampshire yesterday and will make two more visits to the “first primary state” in the next three months. (AP)

Interstate Fraud
New Hampshire and Vermont investors are complaining about being taken in a pyramid swindle operated by a New Hampshire man. Two Vermont victims are suing for recovery of losses. (AP)

Adelphia Rate Increase
The cable company cable says it will raise rates in Richmond and other Chittenden County towns by 34- 64%. The company says the increase will pay for upgrades in its service.

Prisoners’ Lawsuit
There’s another lawsuit by Vermont inmates claiming overcrowded conditions in a prison. The class action suit files by inmates at Marble Valley Prison in Rutland claim violation of the inmates’ rights. (AP)

Brattleboro Police
Two Brattleboro police officers who shot a man in a church in December have been put on desk duty at their own request, citing “hostility in the community”.

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