February 6, 2004 – News at a glance

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Gubernatorial campaign
Governor Jim Douglas says he expects to win over some Democrats disaffected with the candidacy of Burlington Mayor, Peter Clavelle. (VPR)

Wind farm sites
A Vermont wind farm developer says, when all is said and done, there will only be a small number of wind farms in the state. Matthew Rubin heads a group that has proposed an array of wind turbines in the Northeast Kingdom. (VPR)

Dean pins campaign’s future on Wisconsin results
The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean has decided to throw most of its resources into an effort to win the Wisconsin primary. Campaign Director Roy Neel says Dean must win Wisconsin in order to emerge as a viable alternative to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. (VPR)

State takes steps toward purchase of dams
State officials took their first concrete steps on Thursday, toward buying a stake in hydroelectric dams on the Deerfield and Connecticut Rivers. The company that owns the dams is in bankruptcy. Advocates say Vermont has the chance now to secure a stable, long-term power resource for the future. (VPR)

Guard member marries via teleconference
A small bouquet of purple flowers on a white tablecloth set with two unlit candles. These were the only hints that a small conference room at the National Guard headquarters in Colchester would be the scene of an unusual wedding ceremony. (VPR)

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