February 6, 2003 – News at a glance

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Southwest Corner: transportation
Officials in Bennington have been struggling for over 30 years to build a bypass around the city. The project is finally underway, but it’s still nearly a decade away from completion – if it gets completed. (VPR)

Dean on Iraqi threat
Former governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean says he remains unconvinced that Iraq poses an immediate threat to the United States. (VPR)

UVM faculty contract
University of Vermont faculty will decide Thursday whether to ratify UVM’s first faculty union contract. (UVM)

Permit reform
A proposal from the Douglas administration to change the state’s environmental permit process has begun to circulate in Montpelier. A legislative draft of the Douglas plan has won support from business groups, but it’s criticized by environmentalists. (VPR)

Milk prices
A new farm organization wants farmers to bargain for higher milk prices. The group calls itself Dairy Farmers of Vermont. (VPR)

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