February 5, 2003 – News at a glance

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Interview: Manchester Selectboard
VPR’s Steve Delaney talks with chair of the Manchester Selectboard, Ivan Beattie. (Listen to the interview online.) (VPR)

Powerball bill in Legislature
House Speaker Walter Freed says it’s likely that legislation authorizing Vermont to join the national Powerball game will be put on a fast track in the House this month. (VPR)

Southwest Corner: Bennington Banner
Most mornings in homes and coffee shops around southwestern Vermont, the locals peruse the columns of the Bennington Banner. They’re looking for a reflection of sorts, and a thorough discussion of important community issues. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Lawmakers send message to Bush
A group of 87 lawmakers have signed a letter to President Bush urging the president to seek U.N. approval before taking any military action against Iraq. The group says their letter is not an anti-war message, but rather reflects the need for this country to exhaust of all its non-military options before committing troops to Iraq. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Dairy Compact
Political leaders have joined dairy farmers throughout Vermont to call on Congress to pass a regional milk pricing system. (VPR)

Corporate tax credits
State Auditor Elizabeth Ready says major changes are needed in a program that offers tax credits for companies that create new jobs. (VPR)

State budget deficits
The financial health of state governments around the nation is worsening, with tax revenues falling and budget gaps widening. (AP)

Historical Society director
A Montpelier native who now lives in Kentucky is coming home to become the next head of the Vermont Historical Society. (AP)

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