February 4, 2002 – News At a Glance

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Vermont Yankee
Public Service Board starts technical hearings Monday on the sale of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. One concern is over the corporate structure that the new owners want to establish. (VPR)

Prison Death
The prison in St. Albans has been absolved in the death of a young prisoner who hanged himself there while awaiting trial on murder charges. (AP)

Sheltering Runaways
A Swanton man is the first to be prosecuted under a newly passed law that prohibits people from sheltering known runaways. (AP)

Review Hearings for Judges
The Legislative Judicial Review hearings for judges will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings this week at the Statehouse. (AP)

Champion Lands
Debate over the future management of the Champion lands in the Northeast Kingdom resumes this week in Montpelier. The Senate will have final approval of a bill that would permit traditional uses in the core area of the reserve indefinitely. (AP)

NH Paper Delayed
In New Hampshire, the Manchester Union Leader says the morning paper will be four hours late today because of press breakdowns. (AP)

Bankrupt Paper Mills
A bankruptcy judge will hear today from two companies that want to re-open the closed Berlin and Gorham paper mills. That closure left 860 people out of work, and depressed the northern New Hampshire economy. (AP)

Deer Season Tally
The number of deer killed during rifle season in Vermont last fall was way down. This year 2,297 deer were taken during rifle season, compared to about 10,235 deer year ago. The drop is blamed on late snows that killed a lot of the herd last spring. (AP)

Bomb in Orleans County
A bomb went off in Holland, Vermont over the weekend, damaging a road grader owned by Raymond Cote. A second unexploded bomb was found nearby and police were called in to defuse it. (AP)

Environmental Conservation Dept.
Vermont’s Environmental Conservation Department is facing personnel cuts that may affect 10% of the staff. The department needs to make up about $4 million to cover the deficit in its $29.5 million budget. The budget increase that Governor Howard Dean has requested of the legislature may not stay the personnel cuts. (AP)

Carbon Monoxide Death
A woman from Ascutney has died, and her husband is in critical condition after a generator they used during a power blackout filled their home with carbon monoxide. (AP)

Freed Responds to CLF
Vermont House speaker Walter Freed says he’s “outraged” that the Conservation Law Foundation will have a say in the citing of a middle school proposed for Bennington. (AP)

Patriots Win
The Patriots’ win in the Super Bowl prompted street parties in a number of cities. Two revelers were arrested in Durham NH, one for arson, and the other for disorderly conduct. (AP)

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