February 27, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Wireless in Vermont
As more and more drivers in Vermont use cell phones, there are growing concerns that public safety could be jeopardized. (Read the transcript, or listen to the story online.) (VPR)

VT National Guard
The federal government will call up 78 Vermont Army National Guardsmen and women to assist in security at the Vermont-Canadian border. (VPR)

UVM Funding
The University of Vermont wants a 3% funding increase, slightly more than was recommended by Governor Howard Dean in his budget. Interim President Edwin Colodny told lawmakers Tuesday that the school is an economic engine that brings hundreds of millions of dollars into the state. (VPR)

Low Snow
There has been only a third of last year’s snow depth reported so far during the current winter. The first day of spring is about three weeks away. (AP)

Renewable Energy
Senator Jim Jeffords wants Congress to enact a provision that energy companies must generate 20% of their power from renewable sources by the year 2020. (AP)

Rehnquist Notes Dartmouth Murders
Chief Justice William Rehnquist made reference to the murders of two Dartmouth professors. The Supreme Court is hearing a case that turns on whether door-to-door solicitors need local permits to go knocking. (AP)

Church Sexual Abuse Allegations
Officials from the Diocese of Burlington and the state attorney general’s office will meet to see what protocols govern notification of sexual abuse charges against priests. (AP)

Doctors’ Records
A bill in the Legislature would make it easier for Vermonters to learn about their physicians’ professional history. The bill would make available information such as adverse rulings by the Medical Practice Board. (AP)

Snowboarding Gold Medallist
Olympian Kelly Clark says she hopes her gold medal will help snowboarding move from renegade status into mainstream sports. (AP)

Federal Highway Funds
Governor Howard Dean is asking the Bush administration to restore some of the cuts it has made in federal highway funds. Dean says those funding cuts could stall an economic recovery. (AP)

Pension Fund Losses
Treasurer Jim Douglas says a weakening economy has caused recent losses in the state pension fund. Douglas says the fund is well able to meets its obligations to retired teachers, state and local government employees. (AP)

Police Powers
A bill is being debated in the House that would broaden police arrest authority. Supporters say that the bill would not “trample on civil liberties”. (AP)

State College Funding
Vermont college officials are warning that they face financial problems if the Legislature doesn’t find a little more money for higher education. (AP)

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