February 2, 2002 – News At a Glance

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Federal Transportation Cuts
Governor Howard Dean says some of the state’s largest highway construction projects may have to be re-evaluated because it is likely that there will be significant cuts in federal transportation funds next year.

Local Impact of Transportation Cuts
With the possibility of big cuts in transportation funds, Vermont’s local officials worry that there will be haves and have-nots when it comes to road projects.

Champion Lands
By a vote of 17-12, the Senate gave its approval Friday to legislation concerning the recreational uses of the former Champion Lands. However it’s expected that a number of controversial amendments will be offered to the legislation when it comes up for final consideration next Tuesday.

CLF to Testify in School Case
Conservation Law Foundation will be allowed to take part in hearings on whether a land-use permit should be granted for a new school in Bennington.

House Republicans have come up with their first new map of Vermont legislative districts. But Democrats have expressed their dislike for the map right away. House Democratic leader John Tracy calls it “textbook gerrymandering.”

Jeffords’ National Press Club Address
Senator James Jeffords spoke at Friday’s meeting of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Jeffords spoke at length about education, reiterating his call for adequate funding to improve the nation’s schools and calling for increased federal funding for special education.

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