February 18, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Reapportionment in Lincoln and Worcester
Every ten years, the Vermont Legislature draws new legislative districts. The proposed Republican plan has drawn fire from Democrats, who say it stacks the deck against their minority party. The same charges were heard in the 1980s, when the Democrats ruled the House. (VPR)

Instant Run Off
The Vermont League of Women’s Voters is urging lawmakers to support an instant run off election system in the state. The League says democracy is not well served when the Legislature determines the outcome of statewide races. (VPR)

Bush Air Pollution Proposal
This week, President Bush outlined his plan to slow the buildup of greenhouses gases that are blamed for climate change. The plan has received a mixed reception. Industry groups generally favor the proposal. Environmentalists say the plan falls short. (VPR)

Historical Society
The Vermont Historical Society has announced the creation of a pilot project that is designed to involve high school students in the history of their community. (VPR)

Board of Education Appointment
Governor Howard Dean has appointed a new member to state Education Board. Bonnie Johnson-Aten of Montpelier will fill the vacant seat on the board, effective immediately. (VPR)

Norwich Offers New Degree Program
Norwich University is planning a new degree program that trains students in electronic security. (VPR)

Beth Schmidt reports from the Winter Olympics on the men’s ice hockey team, with John LeClair of St. Albans scoring three goals. Also, some disappointments in the Nordic ski events. (VPR)

Bus Crash
A Boston bus driver was taken into police custody after flipping a busload of skiers and snowboarders on I-91 near Brattleboro. Half of them were injured, two seriously. The charges against the Colum Flaherty have not been announced. (AP)

Winter Driving Conditions
Road conditions were awful yesterday because of heavy, wet snow. Hundreds of mostly minor accidents reported. (AP)

Dean Returns from Asia
Governor Howard Dean is on his way back from his brother’s possible gravesite in Laos. Dean says he’ll ask the federal government for more money to clean up unexploded ordnance that American planes dropped over Laos between 1964 and 1973.

State Computer Security
State Auditor Elizabeth Ready says many state computer systems are not very secure. In a new report to state department heads, she recommends improvements. No cost estimates were provided. (AP)

Colson Murderer Confesses
A convicted murderer has said his co-defendant in the eleven year old case was not involved in the crime. Charles Gundlah confessed that he alone killed Robin Colson in her home in Newfane, and that Christopher Bacon is innocent of the crime. The two men had escaped from a prison work crew four days before Colson’s murder. (AP)

UVM Continuing Education
The University of Vermont will shrink its Continuing Education division this spring, cutting about half of the eighty jobs in it. Eight of those positions are currently vacant. (AP)

Income Tax Hearings
The Vermont House Ways and Means Committee will hold hearings in Montpelier and Rutland this week, seeking public input on proposed adjustments to the Vermont income tax. (AP)

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