February 15, 2002 – News at a Glance

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VPR’s Olympic Coverage
Contributing reporter Beth Schmidt is in Salt Lake City, where she’s an editor at the Olympic News Service. Steve Delaney and Beth Schmidt discuss Vermont athletes on the men’s ice hockey team and preview weekend events. (VPR)

Utility Prices
Wholesale power prices over the next decade are expected to drop in New England, according to a study commissioned by Green Mountain Power. GMP says the study bolsters its case for buying power from the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant after the plant is sold. Critics say electricity from other sources should be much cheaper. (VPR)

UVM Presidency
The University of Vermont’s incoming president faces several challenges. But one thing that seems to have improved at UVM is confidence in the office of the president. VPR reports on Ed Colodny, who has served as the university’s interim president. (VPR)

Hogan Announces Candidacy
Former Human Services Secretary Con Hogan says he’s running as an independent candidate for governor this year because he hopes to “light a fire” with Vermont voters. He wants to help end partisan fighting that he says is undermining the state’s political system. (VPR)

Campaign Finance Reform
Congressman Bernie Sanders says the vote this week in the U.S. House in support of campaign finance reform is one of the most important votes that has taken place during his congressional career. (VPR)

Minimum Wage Bill
Republicans in the Vermont House defeated an effort to raise the state minimum wage by 50 cents to $6.75. They said it would start an inflationary spiral. (AP)

Budget Cuts Affect Workers
The Vermont Workers’ Center says state budget cuts may hit working Vermonters harder than any other group in the state. (AP)

Holiday Skiing
Vermont ski resorts are hoping for a good holiday weekend to make up for a late start to the winter season. (AP)

Vermont Homeland Security
Stephen Maranville is the new Vermont security director. Maranville will focus on homegrown threats to state workers, rather than on international terrorism that might target Vermont. (AP)

State Scolds GMP
Green Mountain Power Company is being scolded by state officials for being tardy in releasing information on future power cost projections. (AP)

BTV Airport Security
Sixty security workers at Burlington’s airport will be under new direction on Sunday when the Federal government takes over responsibility for airport security across the US. (AP)

Commuter Rail
A second commuter train, from Burlington to Essex, could cost $27 million dollars to set up, and $2 million a year to operate, according to a feasibility study. County officials will vote this month on whether to go forward with planning. (AP)

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