February 11, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Weather Warning
A wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain has disrupted school and traffic patterns across the state. Ray Burke, truck dispatcher for the Vermont Transportation Department, says overnight rainfall turned to ice this morning. Freezing rain also affected roads in New Hampshire, where over 100 vehicles are reported off the Interstate highways. (VPR and AP)

VPR’s Olympics Coverage
Contributing reporter Beth Schmidt is in Salt Lake City, where she’s an editor at the Olympic News Service. Each morning during the Olympics, Steve Delaney talks with Beth Schmidt about how competitors from our region are doing. Today, Steve and Beth discuss Kelly Clark of West Dover and the gold medal she won this weekend for snowboarding. Adam Height of Lake Placid takes fourth place in luge, and Ross Powers of South Londonderry will compete [Monday] in snowboarding. (VPR)

The Vermont Legislature gears up for a partisan brawl over redistricting, with one plan pitting six democrats against incumbents. (AP)

Non-lethal Police Weapon
Legislators are proposing a trial for a non-lethal weapon called a net gun, which captures suspects without deadly force. (AP)

Dartmouth Tuition
Undergraduate tuition at Dartmouth College is going up 4.5%, to almost $36,000 a year.

UVM Drug and Alcohol Use
The University of Vermont makes more drug referrals to the student judiciary court than any other school in the country, according to a study of campus crime rates. UVM ranked second in referrals for alcohol. University officials say the referral rate is high because the school is enforcing its rules. (AP)

Burlington College
A former Canadian politician, Mary Clancy of Nova Scotia, has been named to the presidency of Burlington College. Clancy is succeeding the Dan Casey, who is retiring. (AP)

Hannaford’s Act 250 Permit
A Hannaford’s supermarket in Rutland is being accused of failing to keep the conditions of its Act 250 permit. A neighboring businessman who says the supermarket traffic keeps people out of his office. Hannaford’s was to have completed a traffic study after opening the store, as a condition of the Act 250 permit. (AP)

An astronomer in western Massachusetts says a mysterious flash and noise in the sky over the weekend was probably a meteoroid. It was heard in Vermont and eastern New York as well. (AP)

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