FBI Releases Serial Killer’s Notes

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The FBI has released handwritten notes found beneath the body of confessed serial killer Israel Keyes.

Keyes confessed to killing an Essex couple in 2011, and alluded to other possible victims in other states. The FBI says the writings offer no investigative clues or names of victims.

Keyes died last December in an Anchorage jail cell after he slit his wrist with the blade of a disposable razor that was embedded in a pencil. He also strangled himself with a bedsheet.

He was awaiting trial in the 2012 slaying of an 18-year-old Anchorage barista.

FBI special agent Mary Rook says Keyes’ notes were written on a yellow legal pad. They were too bloody to read immediately but were sent to the FBI laboratory in Virginia and restored.

The notes appear to include poetry and about violence and deception.

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