FBI Releases Description of Armed Robber

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(Host) Authorities have released a description of the man who robbed an armored car company in Rutland last month and made off with nearly $2 million. John Kavanagh of the FBI in Burlington says the description was provided by guards and eyewitnesses:

(Kavanagh) “We’re looking for a white male, approximately 5’10”, medium build, approximately 160-175 pounds who talks with a very distinct, New York, nasal-type accent.”

(Host) This is the first time authorities have released details about the robbery suspect. Kavanagh says his office wanted to keep the information under wraps to check the authenticity of leads. He says releasing the suspect’s description doesn’t mean the investigation has stalled. Kavanagh says authorities are simply trying to keep the case in the public eye:

(Kavanagh) “If there’s somebody else out there who knows a little more, we just want to reaffirm that information to them. There’s $70,000 out there available for reward money with any information leading to this arrest.”

(Host) Kavanagh says police and the FBI have received a significant number of leads since the January 31 hold up.

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