FBI, Police Still Investigating Armored Car Robbery

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(Host) It’s been almost three weeks since a gunman robbed an armored car company in Rutland and made off with almost $2 million dollars.

It’s believed to be the largest robbery in Vermont history. The FBI and Berkshire Armored Car Services have offered separate rewards for information in the case. The reward is designed to generate tips from the public. Authorities also often try to get help in high profile crimes by releasing a description of the suspect.

But the FBI’s Vermont supervisor, John Kavanagh, says he will not provide a description of the suspect in the Rutland robbery.

He says the FBI wants to keep some information out of the public’s eye, so they can tell if an informant is telling the truth.

(Kavanagh) “This way we can differentiate between what we call ‘legitimate leads’ and what we call’ phony leads.’ So that we realize – that’s why we keep certain details out of the media – so that when all these hundreds and hundreds of phone calls come in. Or people call in and say they have information, we’re able to, like I said, differentiate what’s true and what’s not true. And what is a good lead and what is a bad lead.”

(Host) Kavanagh would not comment on the details of the case, or whether officials suspect that employees of the armored car company were involved. But he says authorities are making progress.

(Kavanagh) “The bottom line, like I say, is we’re working this case very hard, with the Vermont State Police and the Rutland Police. And it’s coming together and hopefully we’ll bring the people responsible to justice.”

(Host) The rewards in the case now total $70,000: $50,000 from the Berkshire Armored Services and $20,000 offered by the FBI.

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