FBI investigating Williston anthrax threat

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(Host) The FBI and the U.S. Postal Service are investigating an anthrax threat at a Williston business.

An envelope containing white powder was mailed to the Resolution distribution center in Williston. Tests later showed the substance to be flour. Resolution distributes videos for a number of national programs, including the Arts and Entertainment network.

President Bill Schubart says this was the third time in a week that the company was hit by an anthrax scare. A fourth envelope containing white powder was intercepted by the Postal Service.

(Schubart) “Obviously, the primary concern we have is the safety of the people who work there. And we have a very, very strict process that we follow. It starts by calling 911. They all show up. Then they call the HazMat folks. They show up. Our people are all evacuated. And the people who are close to the incident are quarantined.”

Host) Schubart says the threats appear to be directed at Resolution’s clients, not the company itself.

(Schubart) “People who launch these attacks, whether they’re threats over the phone or envelopes of flour, believe that when they send them to us that they’re attacking one of our clients. And that’s one of the things that I constantly remind our employees of – that it’s not any animus directed at Resolution or its employees. It’s against A&E or the New York Times or the Food Network or whoever it is.”

(Host) About sixty people were evacuated from the company’s office while emergency crews responded. Williston police say the FBI and the U.S. Postal Service are leading the investigation.

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