Family’s Lawyer Says Civil Suit Should Procede

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(Host) It’s been four months since Brattleboro police shot and killed Robert Woodward. The 37-year-old Woodward was agitated and brandished a small knife when he disrupted a service held at the All Souls Unitarian Church in West Brattleboro. Attorney General William Sorrell is investigating the incident.

This week, his office asked a federal court to place a private lawsuit on hold while his investigation continues. Sorrell argues that the suit could taint his criminal investigation.

Joel Faxon is a Bridgeport, Connecticut lawyer who represents Woodward’s parents and sister. Faxon says Sorrell’s office has asked the court to block the release of information that has nothing to do with the criminal probe:

(Faxon) “What the attorney general’s attempting to do is not only shut down that portion of our case dealing with the individual defendants who are the subject of the criminal investigation, but also to shut down a completely separate part of the case dealing with the town’s responsibility. So we believe it’s clearly overreaching on his part to try to come into the case to close portions of the case that his office has acknowledged is beyond the scope of their investigation.”

(Host) Sorrell’s office says release of information at this stage could be devastating to the criminal case.

Next Tuesday would be Woodward’s 38th birthday. His friends and supporters plan an evening vigil in Brattleboro to mark the occasion.

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