Family Sues Police In Stun Gun Incident

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The longtime companion of a man who died after being shot with a stun gun by state police has sued the state police and the officer involved.

Theresa Davidonis filed suit in Orange Superior Court earlier this week. She alleges that the state police were negligent when an officer fired a Taser stun gun at Macadam Mason after being told he was distraught following an epileptic seizure.

Mason collapsed and died after the electric current hit him in the chest. But police have said it’s not clear if the stun gun caused his death. Autopsy results have not been released.

Brattleboro lawyer Thomas Costello represents Davidonis in the lawsuit.

"We’re alleging here that the use of a Taser under these circumstances was unreasonable force, that Macadam was shot in the heart, which was contrary to the directions of Taser, from a very close distance, and to a person who was and who the police knew was emotionally disturbed" Costello said. 

The State Police had no immediate comment on the lawsuit. The police are also conducting an internal investigation into the incident.

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